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Grassfed Producers

Choosing a Better Way

Farmers and ranchers produce Authentic Grassfed meat and dairy for a reason. They see first-hand the benefits to their whole farm/ranch system—their land, their animals, and their communities.

Benefits for the animals

Authentic Grassfed farmers and ranchers believe that animals are healthiest when they eat what and how they evolved to eat. For ruminants, that is a diet of 100% grass or forage. Animals raised on grass with continuous access to pasture or rangeland are allowed to express their natural behaviors, while contributing to the web of life that exists on farms and ranches managed in harmony with nature.

Benefits for the land

Many farmers and ranchers choose 100% grassfed meat and dairy production because grazing animals in harmony with nature regenerates the land and makes it more resilient by:

  • Enhancing soil health through the spread of natural fertilizer and aeration
  • Improving rainwater absorption and reducing erosion while cycling carbon back into the soil by encouraging the growth of deep-rooted native grasses
  • Increasing biodiversity of microbes, plants and animals in the ecosystem

Benefits for farmers, ranchers and their communities

Authentic Grassfed meat and dairy production has the potential to improve farmer and rancher livelihoods by making their operations more financially viable. Less inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, grain, etc.) mean less expenses and increased independence from industrial agriculture. At the same time, consumers understand the value of 100% grassfed products and are willing to pay a price premium. When farmers and ranchers steward their land and animals using Authentic Grassfed principles, they strengthen the ecosystems and economies that our communities will rely on for generations to come.