A Better Way

Our mission is to promote grassfed meat and dairy products that meet Authentic Grassfed Principles.

For grassfed farmers and ranchers, delicious meat and dairy products are just one of the many happy results of raising animals in close relationship to the land. An Authentic Grassfed supply chain strengthens the ecosystems and economies that our communities will rely on for generations to come.

Authentic Grassfed

Producing Authentic Grassfed meat and dairy requires a regenerative approach, in which animals maintain a 100% grass- or forage-based diet for their entire lives, every season of every year. Farmers and ranchers employ practices that ensure animal welfare, benefit the land, and support transparency.

What we do

Collaboration is core to our mission at the Grassfed Alliance. We know that building a grassfed food system will require everyone, including butchers, brands, and chefs, to work from a shared vision. While we recognize the industry’s need for changes in policy, infrastructure, and investment, the Grassfed Alliance focuses on supporting farmers, ranchers, and consumers as key agents of change.

We work on behalf of Authentic Grassfed farmers and ranchers to help them tell their stories and market their products. We build tools to help buyers better understand what Authentic Grassfed means. We also convene leaders, gather insights, and find ways to better tell our collective story and uplift the industry as a whole.

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