Welcome to the
Grassfed Alliance!

Our mission is to promote exclusively grassfed meat and dairy products that adhere to the Authentic Grassfed Principles.

Authentic Grassfed

With a current lack of industry standards when it comes to labeling grassfed meat and dairy products, these products often claim to be grassfed if the animal is ever fed grass in its lifetime. We believe consumers deserve clarity when it comes to labeling, which is why we created our 10 Authentic Grassfed Principles that should set the industry standard for what it means to have an Authentic Grassfed meat or dairy product.

  1. Require 100% grass or forage based diet for the entire life of an animal
  2. Do not use partial grassfed claims
  3. Provide animals with continuous access to pasture or rangeland
  4. Do not confine animals or finish in feedlots
  5. Do not use drugs in healthy animals, including antibiotics and hormones, for non-therapeutic purpose
  6. Ensure the ‘five freedoms’ for basic animal welfare, including freedom 1) from hunger and thirst, 2) from discomfort, 3) from pain, injury or disease, 4) to express normal behavior, and 5) from fear and distress
  7. Restrict incidental supplementation
  8. Minimize use of synthetic fertilizers and industrial pesticides
  9. Provide transparency of animal origin, processing, and final product composition
  10. Are verified through third-party, on-farm inspections on an annual basis including different seasons